They say that tuis
are losing the range
of their song
since less and less
they hear each other
- and bellbirds-

Excerpt from "Talking to a tree fern at Lake Rotoiti" by Dinah Hawken.


 I bought this old grandmother's garden quilt top for a song at a market. Pulling out the paper templates was interesting. The person who made it had used old New World vouchers. I think there were two other people who have worked on it- one who used older 1970's dress fabrics and then someone in the early 90's who used lots of vintage sheets. I had to finish off a couple of corners, baste it and then I sent it off to my mum to quilt...

There is something immensely satisfying in finishing unfinished work. There must be 2500-3000 hexagons in this quilt. A lifetime of work.