Happy place


A busy weekend away left the kids with little downtime. This was taken last week when the two boys spent a whole morning working away at lego and drawing. This is their happy place. They call it their office.


Grandma was not one to waste words. I always received a birthday or christmas card from Grandma, in every country I lived in. They all said To Sonya, Love Grandma. As she got got older, she began to leave off the To Sonya, then later, the love, till she just signed Grandma.

Hello. It's me.

I rarely turn the camera on myself. But right now I need a marker, to draw a line under the past few years. I cut my hair off for the first time in over 10 years. Iggy started kindy today. Max is at school. The house feels empty and quiet. It's strange. But good.

Game on

These little windows of time I get.... the kids are at rugby practise, or at a playdate next door. It's not enough. Who gets a license plate that says XQIS1T? I wish it was mine. I'd have to take up smoking again though. Or vaping.