Indigo and florals and wood and copper

I'm working on these necklaces, in different permutations. I was given a bag of Liberty scraps, which has inspired this bunch. Indigo and florals and wood and copper. I intend to update the shop one day...

Flowers and tattoos

Some more flowers that my sons have brought me, plus Max's self-drawn tattoos. So he can be like Dad. He is going through a phase where he just wants to wear black. And there's a lot of gun play too. It's not all flowers, all the time!

Note the hibiscus, in May. Winter is coming... but very slowly it seems.

Winter sewing

A tutorial I've been working on for Extra Curricular magazine. I think the finished result is going to be pretty. I haven't done much embroidery, but Melissa's work has always inspired me.

I really enjoy handsewing. I've been thinking about making a quilt, to quilt by hand over the winter. It sounds like such a cozy project, but I'm not sure if I'll have the stamina...

Four and two

Max at four. Here he is at day 1, 1 year and 2 years and 3 years
Iggy at two. Here he is at day 1 and 1 year

(In actuality, they are more like 4 1/4 and 2 1/4.)

Handkerchiefs and creativity

I recently saw Fiona Pardington talk at the Auckland Art Gallery as part of White Night. The best part was hearing about her transition from film to digital photography. It's encouraging to hear an established artist admit their struggles. I highly recommend seeing her exhibition A beautiful hesitation.

I'm still toying with this collection. I've got an idea about a series of portraits, and motherhood, and femininity and usefulness and redundancy. I've just got to find some time to get it out. One thing about motherhood, it's just so hard getting enough alone time to get my thoughts in order, let alone giving room to creativity.


My mum made this quilt for my 21st birthday. I made the pillowcases for Toby one christmas. Toby made the linocut that hangs above our bed.


I just spent a week in Napier. Lots of family time, cups of tea, feeding the chooks, rummaging through second hand bookshops. And remembering.

Communes, plums and Grandma

I was gifted a box of red fleshed plums by a friend who lives on an amazing old commune. It's now no longer a commune, but the orchards that were planted in the 70s are still there and heavy with fruit.

My grandmother used to make plum sauce, and it was what we had to have on our fish'n'chips when we ran out of tomato sauce. I've been bugging my mum to make some for years, but she remembers making it when she was pregnant with me and can't bear the thought of it.

So I looked up the recipe in the good old Edmonds cookbook, which is what Grandma used, and made my own batch. It tastes exactly how I remember it. Vinegary and spicy. But still, definitely not best paired with fish'n'chips.

Driving Creek

 We just spent a week staying in a little bach in the bush near Coromandel town. It was private, and quiet. Kingfishers and Tui hung out in the little creek that ran through the property. It was so nice to get away from everything. And the kids slept, unlike our last Coromandel stay two years ago.