Vintage boogers

I turned some (not even half) of my Oma's handkercheifs into bunting. A very pretty, ladylike one and a funny, little bit weird one made up of children's hankies.
I remember my grandmother used to give me a box of hankies for christmas when I was little. I'm hoping this bunting gets more use.

I did wash them!


My family has been sorting through my Oma and Opa's things, giving bits and pieces away, clearing out the house. I asked for any vintage linen and received 2 huge bags full, one of which was crammed with handkerchiefs. A catch-all collection of mens and ladies and children's hankies. Some new, some handmade, some very well used. A strange collection to inherit. Handkerchiefs are hardly used at all now. But I have some projects in mind for them...

#FMSHBM zine!

Flowers My Sons Have Brought Me is a documentation of the little offerings my young sons bring to me on a near daily basis. A tiny warm fistful of daisies - “Mama!”. It never fails to twist my heart strings.

These commonplace gifts are given freely and in such abundance it is hard to treasure each one. Nor do they last long. Tiny flowers picked with such short stems, all I can do is float them in a teacup. So as a way of preserving their simple beauty, I started instagraming them with the hashtag #flowersmysonhasbroughtme. But instagram is almost as fleeting as the flowers themselves. A few likes and after a few hours, the photo is buried deep in the stream…. as good as gone.

I was frustrated by the disposable nature of our digital age, I wanted something to hold on to. My old 90s polaroid camera got brushed off and it was exciting to hear the click and whirr and the shrill whine of the flash. But I was shocked by the lack of control, the randomness. The polaroids felt so rough and raw. Each shot takes an hour to develop, so far removed from the instant fix of instagram. 

But through the fog, the images slowly developed and some how it felt like looking into the future. One day my children will see these photos, while the instagrams will have faded forever into the digital cosmos.

So here are the polaroids and instagrams, the flowers and the love. All mixed up so completely I couldn’t ever separate them.

Here are the flowers my sons have brought me.

24 page zine.
Hand bound.
Available now at Beard&Braid!

North Head

North Head on a cool grey morning. Lots of room to breathe and run about. Up here you become so much more aware of how this city is intertwined with the sea.