Objects my cat has brought me

Bird is learning to hunt and has been bringing us presents. Half-dead cicadas, dry leaves and the odd sock. If only she'd catch the mouse I saw in the kitchen the other night...

This is Bird when we first got her, about 8 weeks old. She's so much bigger now.

Package of fun

I just received the coolest package all the way from Amsterdam, from my old jewellery tutor Susanne. Opening the package I caught the scent of smoke and metal, and inside was an assortment of special Susi craziness: beads and wool and gold and silver, bottle caps and ribbons, mysterious plastic pieces, rings and earrings and chain. An inspiring mish mash of fun that made me feel so homesick for Amsterdam, and for Susi's studio and most of all, for Susi.

Bird & the bird

So- here's the story of Bird and the bird.

Every day, this mangy blackbird found it’s way into our kitchen, where it would eat the crumbs under Iggy's high chair, do a poo, and leave. At first it was once a day, but after a while we were cleaning bird poo off the kitchen floor three times day. The same bird. A bit rude really.

So we decided to get a cat. There were other reasons too (like the fact Toby really wanted one!) After bringing home our new family member, our three year old Max threw out a barrage of name suggestions, and among them was one that was a perfect distillation of our kitten's new life mission: Bird.

We don’t see that old bird so much anymore. It’s still poking around the yard, it hasn't shown it's face since Bird arrived. And Bird is totally at home now with us, she follows the boys everywhere.

These unique little gocco prints commemorate our old enemy and our new friend. One is by Toby, one is by me, and they come as a set, in a numbered and signed limited edition of 10.

They are available in our shop.

Fancy as

Alana from FANCY! (a beautifully curated blog of New Zealand design) was kind enough to feature Beard&Braid (Toby and I) in the first of her new series Us Two- where she asks creative couples to share their lives and work. Go and have a nosey here.

And yes, that's our lounge. So tidy! The artwork is (from top left to right in a clockwise direction):
Iron and Wine screen printed tour poster by The Heads of State
Grrr macht der Bar by Phillip Janta
Untitled by Barney Hobson
Arrow by Ignasi Tudela
Vintage horse print
Paulie by Sonya Nagels (me!)
Rose tint my world by me again
Mountain I by Kate Woods
Mountain II by Kate Woods
Ronaldinho - from the Stars in their pants series by Rick Chant
Banana skeleton by Toby Morris

You never regret a swim

I went for a magical swim on Sunday. I have no photos from it, but I collected these cat's eye shells from the beach as a reminder: you never regret a swim.


Two of the best things about going away with friends: watching our kids become friends too, and all of us sitting down to each meal.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart. -Cesar Chavez

(The last photo was taken by Katie. Sadly Toby was on a mad midnight mission home from a  wedding so is missing from this shot.)

Pataua at dawn

We've just come back from an amazing weekend away with friends. A big, beautiful, old house up on a hill, overlooking the coast. Nine adults, eight kids. Late nights talking over wine and early mornings with weetbix and cups of tea.

These photos were taken at dawn this morning. Hence the tired eyes and bed hair. But it was so  beautiful.