Three and One

Max at three. Here he is at day 1, 1 year and 2 years.
Iggy at one. Here he is at day 1.

Their little frowns are identical!

Merry Christmas

Extra Curricular 15

This gorgeous new issue of Extra Curricular has been out since the start of the month- and I have only just managed to sit down and have a good read of it. This little mag has been around now for five years, and it just keeps on getting better.

I did a little series on objects that have been handed down to craftspeople. I got to interview and photograph ceramicist Tim Grocott, textile artist Nikki Gabriel and bookbinder Louise James. It was so interesting to go and peek into people's studios and hear their stories. I came away from each interview inspired and full of ideas.

So go grab a copy for Christmas. It'll fit in your stocking. Santa won't mind if you help him out a bit.

Beard & Braid is open!

Toby and I have just opened our own little family shop called Beard & Braid. We both like making stuff, but for the first time, we've joined together to sell our prints, jewellery, photos, books and paintings in one place. And we're selling paintings by our sons Iggy (1) and Max (3) too. Why not? It's a family shop.

To celebrate the launch of Beard & Braid we're giving away a limited edition print called All day Everyday to ten lucky customers. The print combines my photography and Toby's beautiful hand type into a piece that celebrates simple pleasures. A cup of tea and a gingernut. Sitting on the porch. Sunshine. Limited to a run of just ten, each print is individually numbered and signed by both of us.