Flowers my son has brought me #3

Fresh lavender is one of my favourite scents. Max says it smells like "Bear cream," the sleep balm I put on him at night time. The beautiful bowl is made by Melbourne photographer and potter Lauren Bamford. The bottom shot, the yellow flowers, was for my birthday (with a bit of help from Dad.)

Liberty Circus Necklace

A custom Circus Necklace order for a friend. All made with Liberty fabrics, completely hand sewn.

Not pink

Next up in the quilting showcase was this quilt made for my new niece Maggie. The colour palette was chosen with Lucy, my sister-in-law, in mind and the quilting pattern for Guy, who's an avid fisherman.

I loved this quilt by Hopewell Quilts, but tried a different quilting technique - based on contour lines of a map. I wanted it to look like rippling water, to have a more organic feel to contrast with the very simple graphic nature of the design.

It was cool to sew something really different for me. It also feels good to create something special for a little girl that is interesting and pretty and not pink.

Mother, Winter

Something about this photo of Mum that reminded me of her when I was a child. There is a strange loop that happens once you become a mother. Suddenly you understand what your mother has done for you. And there are not words to give thanks enough.

The leaves are almost gone and there is a real bite in the air. I've got woolly socks and layers on. I made soup. Winter is here.


A little boy and his penguin

One of Max's favorite books is "Lost and Found" by Oliver Jeffers, which is about a little boy who befriends a penguin.

Max found this penguin at his grandparents house in Napier and it was love at first sight.


There is an old saying that we should always tell the truth because that way we don’t have to remember what we said.

Happy scone party

We celebrated Iggy turning six months with date scones at the beach with friends.
Iggy's favorite song is "Row, row, row your boat." He rocks back and forth and grins.

This post may be a good month or so late. Yesterday he got his first tooth. Pow!

Little but fun

I've been on a bit of a quilting buzz recently, due to inheriting a whole lot of fabric and having lots of new babies to sew for. This little bassinet quilt was a fun experiment with graphic prints, which babies like looking at. I made it for an old friend, Miffy, who's baby girl Morgan has just arrived. I get to see them both this week as they are visiting from Australia. I'm so looking forward to meeting this little girl!

And here's an outake with my little assistant, who's always ready to help.

Flowers my son has brought me #2

Some more flowers Max has brought me over the past few weeks, from my Instagram feed. He's so proud of these photos. We talk about each one and he likes to look at them again, weeks later.