Today is Max's birthday. We had a little party earlier in the month, as tomorrow is the new baby's due date. It was just a little gathering of family and two of his buddies. They made a mean bike gang.

Happy birthday Max!

Linen closets

It seems like every morning at 4am, the baby wakes up and starts kicking. And I start thinking about baby prepping. Sorting linen closets and loads of white washing. Tiny socks and muslins. My mind ticks over and over all the little things to do. It's normal, I'm counting down now.

A finished quilt

The quilt for this baby is finished and I'm so happy with it. If you're wondering why I've been very haphazard about updating the blog, it's just I'm less than two weeks from my due date. And I'm tired. And there's lots of little things to do to get ready. Like sorting linen closets. Nesting instincts.

Not a baby anymore

Max is nearly two. Well past being a baby and into toddlerhood. Right now he is yelling at me because he doesn't "want it", as in he doesn't want to have a nap. These photos were taken last week, right before we moved his cot out of his room. He looks so tiny in his big bed.

Icecream quilt

A second baby means you already have all the stuff you need from the first kid. I have lots of lovely blankets and clothes all stashed away from Max's early days. But I really wanted to make something special to celebrate this new life, something especially for this new baby to always have.

This is a work-in-progress shot. The boldly patterned Liberty fabric (the teal cloud/ocean print) also featured in Max's quilt. Mum warned me triangles are harder. She was right. But the quilting is nearly done and it's looking good. I referenced this tutorial as a starting point, and made up the rest as I went.