Party? Yes!

Next Thursday is the day! Toby's book, Don't Puke on Your Dad will be launched! There's a bit of a party at Beatnik, his publishers. Here's the video invite which I shot. Come along, the more the merrier. I am so, so excited. 

Toby and I talked about the idea of this book before Max was born and the book just kind of grew along side Max. It was so hard at first for Toby to find any time to draw, with the sleepless nights and working days and just being a new dad. But he stuck at it and I am so proud of him. 

It's kind of impossible for me to be unbiased (I do feature a bit) but I think the story the book tells is so easy to identify with for any parent, and Toby talks about being a dad with such honesty and humour, it will make you laugh and cry. Probably at the same time, which is kind of what parenting is like sometimes.

It'll be available in bookshops next week! Or you could get a signed copy at the party. And you can order it online here. All just in time for Father's Day. Wink wink.

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