Ground control to Major Tom

My nephew Tom, rocking his helmet.

Here am I sitting in my tin can far above the Moon 
Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do...

Drawing together

Max watches everything his dad does. Right down to the crossed ankles.

"At some level, the children are aware of what the adults really care about, what they judge to be interesting, worth doing, worth probing, and worthy of their time and serious attention. The children know what the adults take great pains to explain, take pictures of, make notes about and display very carefully".
- Lilian Katz

Little ripper

Early Saturday morning rugby. That's my nephew Kingsley with the ball. Whoop!

Sweet and simple

Following on from my last post- here's a little project I was inspired to make by Melissa's book. A little home fabric printing and some simple drawstring bags for holding drawing supplies and toys. Easy and satisfying to make.

Two books

Two beautiful books arrived in my letter box over the past week or so which deserve a mention.

Sweet & Simple Handmade is by Melissa Wastney, a collection of her projects and patterns that she uses over on her blog Tiny Happy. I've followed Melissa's blog for so long, and even tried my hand at a few of her tutorials so I knew her book would be a wonderful collation of her projects. What surprised me however was just how inspired I was by the book- how it really made me want to sew for my son and myself. And also to embrace the value of handmade objects. It really is lovely book, a beautiful gift maybe for a new mother or grandmother-to-be. You can buy a copy here in her Etsy shop.

Little Treasures: Made by hand by Pia Jane Bijerk is a celebration her little girl Laly, and the handmade gifts that she received when she was born. Pia shares her photos and the stories behind each gift. It's a delicate work of love and it reminds me vividly of the early days of motherhood when everything is so precious and tiny. It's an amazing feat of Pia to have published this herself in the first year of motherhood!

We left Max's slippers in Napier last weekend and although they'll show up soon, he needed something to keep his toes warm. I made him these little slippers out of an old woolen blanket, using this tutorial as a guide.

Underwater love

The Napier aquarium blew Max's mind. All he said was "Fishies!" for about two days. My favourite thing was the seahorses, they are so weirdly elegant.

Three cousins

It's so crazy seeing the similarities and differences between these three boys. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents all mixed up into three entirely unique little guys.

Misunderstood dead birds

These photos were taken at the Auckland Museum. They reminded me of when I was in my last year of high school, my final art projects were based around birds. I had two dead birds that migrated between the staff room freezer and the freezer at home. I took them out to draw and photograph as needed. Sometimes I forgot they were in my bag and things would get melty.

High school. Such an awkward time. I was so misunderstood.

Hammer time

A rainy Sunday meant a trip to the Auckland museum to see the My Moana exhibition. Max was way more into the hammers in the permanent collection however.

Slowing down

I'm slowing down a bit as I enter the third trimester of this pregnancy. It's definitely different being pregnant the second time around. At first it went really fast, I didn't worry about things as I've done it all before. But now- as the baby is getting bigger and things are beginning to become uncomfortable, I'm over it. I just want to meet this little guy already.