Minimalism vs hoarding

Moving house makes you realise how much stuff you've acquired.  I really want to live in an uncluttered house, with only the things I need. But this desire to be a minimalist is at complete odds with my hoarder tendencies. I find it so hard to throw things away.

This is an old Lomo shot of my Oma's 'museum' which housed her salt and pepper shaker, egg cup, money box and tin collections. Amongst the other minor collections of things like toys, china, National Geographics and the like. You see - it's in my genes.

Things that have happened #3

Third thing: We're moving. In a week. And suddenly I have to say good bye to this house, which has been such a happy home to us. I keep finding all these little memories which I can't bear to throw away.

Things that have happened #2

Second thing: We are having a baby. Another boy! Due on the first of October, one day after Max turns two.

Things that have happened #1

So I said I was back and then I disappeared again. Things have been hectic. But I'll try and catch you up on a few things that have happened over the past week while.

First thing: we got married.

Photo by Rosie Morrison