Little Treasures

When Max was born, for weeks afterward it seemed a little package was delivered everyday. These little gifts were so wonderful to receive, even more so when they were made by hand. And I made plenty of things for my baby, and for other's babies too. So this project by fellow mother, former Amsterdamer and blogger Pia Jane Bijkerk really spoke to me.

Pia has put together a book called Little Treasures showcasing of all the little gifts that were made for her baby, all handmade and from all over the world. She's trying to raise the funds to publish it, and is very, very close. And with only 4 days to go, it's getting tight. So go have a look and maybe pre-order a copy to support this inspiring mother. I have.

Little pajamas from India from Barrie, a handmade gold ring from Susi, little slippers and a blue quilt that I made.

A little dutch house

We bought this little canal house back with us from Amsterdam. It even has its' own pulley to hoist furniture through the windows. Or little knitted animals. Whichever works for you.

Order and chaos

Right now our house is chaos, except for this tiny part. So let's leave it at that for today.