Instagram randomness time:
This minty colour has been my favourite colour since I was a kid and used to steal mum's turquoise eyeshadow. I used to apply it as heavily as possible, right up to the eyebrow. Bitchin.

Mint houses are my favourite houses. This house on my street has just been re-painted. Not sure if it's owned by ironic hipsters or oldies but kudos regardless. Love the gross lime green too. Perfect.

A freaky persian crossed my path. Poor guy had been shaved, all except the end of his tail. Who does that? Probably the ironic hipster neighbours.


  1. Ironic hipster neighbors for the WIN. I want a house in that colour. Maybe with a peach trim instead of lime green. Think hideous crossed with 70's glam.

  2. Ha - that cat is badass. There is a lilac house in Kaikoura which attracts and revolts me - same era. Every time I think to take a sneaky pic the owners are outside lolling on their plastic loungers. Ironic indeed!

  3. lovely blog will vist again x