Stolen Flower #14

44 Surrey Crescent


I feel more in touch with the seasons here in NZ. My garden has come alive and I've been discovering old favourites like tamarillos. I roasted these ones with orange zest, cinnamon and a tiny sprinkling of brown sugar. Served hot with vanilla icecream, they were delicious.


 Lilies fill up our dining room with their heavy sweetness.

Sand is lekker

A sunny Saturday at Piha beach. Eating sand and watching the surfers. Days like this are why we came home. Amsterdam feels so very far, far away. But yeah, I miss some of the amazing people who live there. And my bike. I miss my bike heaps.


Sewing is a kind of zen activity. You want to see the finished result so you want to hurry, but the to make something well, you have to go slow. I have to remember to enjoy the process, and take more care. There's no hurry really.
I'm just starting this rather ambitious project which you will only see if it works. And even then not for ages. So this is just a tease. Sorry about that. Probably shouldn't have even mentioned it.


Kokako: my favourite local cafe. I love all the tiles and the teacups. We were laughing about how mason jars are all the rage these days and Ellie joked the next step will be drinking out of Craigs jam jars with the labels hanging off. Which cracked me up. Too cool for school huh?


Instagram randomness time:
This minty colour has been my favourite colour since I was a kid and used to steal mum's turquoise eyeshadow. I used to apply it as heavily as possible, right up to the eyebrow. Bitchin.

Mint houses are my favourite houses. This house on my street has just been re-painted. Not sure if it's owned by ironic hipsters or oldies but kudos regardless. Love the gross lime green too. Perfect.

A freaky persian crossed my path. Poor guy had been shaved, all except the end of his tail. Who does that? Probably the ironic hipster neighbours.


Congratulations to Stevie and Dianne, you've won your very own copy of Extra Curricular #9 — The Music Issue. Get in touch! I need to know where to send them.

Little traditions

For my first birthday my parents gave me a xylophone; and for Toby's his parents made him the teddy bear cake from the birthday cake bible: Women's Weekly Birthday Cakes. Max got both. Lucky little guy.