Closing doors

My friend Ignasi has a saying for when life gets too busy: "Close a door." When there's too much going  on, when you have a million projects on the go, choose one and finish it. Toby and I often say to one another, when life gets stressful and panic starts to set in: "Just close a door." And once you do, you find it a little easier to tackle the next door.

Pretty in pink


Three instagrams to celebrate that:
Spring is here
My sewing machine is all fixed
My uncle gave me few pieces of my great grandmothers' wedding china that my Oma brought with her from the Netherlands when she emigrated here. And it's gorgeous.

Busy busy

Busy times. Toby's working on an exhibition, I've got less than a week to finish the mag and Max, well Max is just into everything.  But today the sun is shining out there, so that's where we're going.

The School of Mines

We visited the School of Mines in Thames, where Toby's father is doing some work. The old buildings were beautiful- I'd love to do a proper shoot there. So many stories based on luck and hope and greed.

On his own two feet

Max is desperate to climb inside the dishwasher, eat cactuses and pull the cat's tail.

A lesson in baking

We still have a lot of lemons. So I took this recipe but substituted the almonds for polenta. And made a few other adjustments. The verdict? Don't mess with recipes too much. The cake was nice but it could've been nicer.

Stolen Flower #10

21 Old Mill Road

Editor at work

I haven't mentioned it here, but I'm guest editing the next issue of Extra Curricular while Ellie is enjoying a European summer. Things are getting really busy, deadlines everywhere and I've somehow got to get everything wrapped up this month before Ellie gets back.

But I am enjoying it so much. The theme this issue is Music and there's some great artists involved. As well as some pretty incredible writers, photographers and illustrators. Who I'll be introducing over at the Extra Curricular blog. 

The above is peek of some work-in-progress. I'm doing a few little illustrations for the mag too. And a tutorial. And maybe having to write a replacement feature - one of my writers has gone AWOL. I'm on the hunt though. Auckland isn't that big a city.