When life give you lemons

We have an abundance of lemons. Like way too many.

Preserved lemons

Scrub the lemons well. Cut them into quarters, almost to the base where the lemon attaches to the stalk, so the lemon remains whole. 
Sprinkle the inside of each lemons with a big tablespoon of rock salt ( apparently you don’t use iodised or table salt as it will make the lemons bitter). 
Add a large handful of more rock salt to the bottom of a sterilised jar then start packing in the lemons as tightly as you can, along with a couple of bay leaves and coriander seeds. Push down hard, no gaps!
Top up the jar with freshly squeezed lemon juice, then add a little olive oil so the lemons are covered. Try to get rid of any air bubbles, then screw on the lid. 
Leave in a cool dark place for at least a month before using. It pays to occasionally turn the jar upside down. 
Once you've opened the jar, store in the fridge. And to use them, remove the flesh and white pith and just use the lemon skins. They should be soft now.

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