Made especially

My lovely old Singer Featherweight is going strong but I need zig-zag. So I invested in a new sewing machine. Well, new to me anyway. A 1980's Bernina which came with a sewing desk, which used to belong to a lady who inherited it from her late mother. The desk was filled with all sorts of old treasures. Patterns, letters, notions and unfinished projects. I spent an afternoon sorting through it all and feel like I know them both now. 

For me sewing is intrinsically linked to my own mother. I remember sewing teddy bear clothes with her when I was very little and cutting into her fabric stash to make my own precious collection. She taught me to sew, even though I often I didn't listen. She was too embarrassed to take me into the sewing store as a teenager because I refused to hem my skirt. Oh, what a rebel I was.

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