Not winter

Right now I'm in limbo in Hamilton. And without a computer. So here's some phone pics for now.
I went for a walk yesterday and all the old ladies stopped to talk to Max and squeeze his cheeks.
"Winter is nearly here!" they all remarked. Ha! It's still 18 degrees.


Suburban NZ is inspiring me so much right now. It's all I can do to stop myself photographing letter boxes.

Up early

Motherhood means you are always up early. It must affect you forever and maybe that's why my Oma was always up at dawn. She had eleven children. I remember waking up as a child and sitting with her watching the sunrise over Tauranga from her kitchen.

Wild trees

Tommy found a wood pigeon feather at White Pine bush. The forest here feels cold, dark, wet and full of old mystery. It's amazing to walk amongst wild trees again.

A family quilt

Toby's aunt Marie made this quilt for him when he was born. It's Max's turn now. My little froggy boy!

No. 28

It is nice to find NZ tea rooms have not changed a bit.

Max's first day of school

Mum took Max to school for show and tell. The kids sang him a song:
Tena koe, hello to one
Tena koe, hello to one
Tena korua, hello to two
Tena koutou, hello to all
Haere mai everyone
Welcome everyone
Welcome everyone 

Nowhere else

There is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than walking on a beach. I am so happy to be home!


Quiet days at home. Max is slowly getting the idea that day is night and night is day. I keep thinking about the flight. It's going to haunt me for a while. I may never get on a plane again.


Dawn in Hamilton. Bird calls and lawnmowers. Mum. I have never been so relieved to be home.


Two long haul flights. Two sleep deprived parents. One baby. One stomach bug. I don't really want to say anymore. I'm still recovering.

(Max is fine. Even though he managed to soak every item of clothing we took on that plane, he smiled throughout.)

Goodbye Amsterdam

Toby and Max
March 2012


I took these shots before we packed up our little home. I have loved living here. It was Toby's and my first place we lived in by ourselves. It was Max's first home. Though we have now outgrown it, I will miss it dearly.