They are finished. A limited edition of twenty hand-bound books containing sixteen archival photographic prints of the lace curtains of Amsterdam.

My Oma told me that when she left the Netherlands sixty years ago, lace curtains hung in every window and still, lace curtains hang in her house. In the present day, this has become an outdated, old fashioned tradition, slowly being replaced by more modern means.

What initially drew me to this subject was how a simple ritual of privacy can be extraordinarily beautiful. People hang lace curtains to create a barrier between private and public worlds. Photographing the lace defies this barrier. In the glass window, a reflection is also captured. The photographer is peering out, whilst appearing to peer in. This creates a conversation between the photographer, the inhabitant and the viewer that explores the themes of voyeurism and privacy.

These books are a swansong to Amsterdam, created in my last weeks of living here. Crafted with loving attention to every detail, each copy is beautifully hand-bound, with its' own lace window cover.

They are selling for €35.00 and are available here. But if you feel like picking up a copy and holding it with your own two hands, Boekie Woekie here in Amsterdam are also stocking them.


  1. This is so beautiful! I've loved admiring the lacy curtains, but I can never manage to get good shots of them! This is perfect. I'm going to have to check my budget....