Six months

Today Max turns six months old and tomorrow we leave Amsterdam. Happy half-birthday my little Dutch boy. Don't worry though, you are going to love New Zealand too.


A last lunch with the kiwi gang. Why when we travel so far and away do we end up hanging with other New Zealanders? Simple: they rule.

The little Pied Piper

Max loves wooden spoons and this plastic rat. Funny little guy.

Things are getting pretty hectic around here. Just ten days till we board a plane and travel halfway around the globe to a tiny land we call home. I'll be taking photos for sure but posts might get a bit sporadic. So please bear with me during this crazy transition. It's been eight years since I've lived in New Zealand. I can't believe it's been so long.

Wicked aunt

Aunty Karina came to visit. Max was terrified that she was going to eat him.

Tennis Club Bookshop

The Tennis Club Bookshop is a non-profit project by photographer and film maker Jack Pam. He stocks self-published and independent books by a variety of artists, to an effort to support and encourage such endeavors. It's got a pretty amazing collection of books and I left inspired and with a much emptier purse. Really honored that Watchers is also part of his collection.
The TC Bookshop is open every Saturday from 2-8pm at OT301. Check it out. It's very cool.

6 Super Croissants

Today we were meant to go to London. It's a long story, but we didn't make it. Which was a real bummer, not least because I had a special present for Mariko: Croissants in a can! So Mariko these croissants are for you. But please don't feel too sad that you didn't get to share them with us, they really aren't that good.

Beth's spiritual home

Sometimes you see something that you know that somone special will just love. Beth- these Brillmuseum shots are for you.

5 card stud

Uncle Ignasi teaches Max how to hold 'em. Ebba was deadly serious. Fiercest game of Uno ever.

Waterlooplien market

Waterlooplien market has a weird feel. Kind of a bit homelessnessness. A term that Toby and I use to describe things that are not quite right. And some people's take on fashion. A bit like derelict. Conjures ups funny smells, baggy trousers tobacco stains and bit of madness. But also freedom.

Hello and goodbye

Angela came over from London for a fleeting visit to meet Max before I whisk him to the other side of the world. They got on pretty well. This goodbye thing is beginning to get hard.

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback on my book Watchers. It's so great to put something out into the world that I loved making and find it resonates with others.


They are finished. A limited edition of twenty hand-bound books containing sixteen archival photographic prints of the lace curtains of Amsterdam.

My Oma told me that when she left the Netherlands sixty years ago, lace curtains hung in every window and still, lace curtains hang in her house. In the present day, this has become an outdated, old fashioned tradition, slowly being replaced by more modern means.

What initially drew me to this subject was how a simple ritual of privacy can be extraordinarily beautiful. People hang lace curtains to create a barrier between private and public worlds. Photographing the lace defies this barrier. In the glass window, a reflection is also captured. The photographer is peering out, whilst appearing to peer in. This creates a conversation between the photographer, the inhabitant and the viewer that explores the themes of voyeurism and privacy.

These books are a swansong to Amsterdam, created in my last weeks of living here. Crafted with loving attention to every detail, each copy is beautifully hand-bound, with its' own lace window cover.

They are selling for €35.00 and are available here. But if you feel like picking up a copy and holding it with your own two hands, Boekie Woekie here in Amsterdam are also stocking them.

Once upon a time

Hello Snow White
Why hello there Prince Charming
Nice dwarf collection you have.
Thank you! But it's not nearly impressive as your knitting doll army.