Get your skates on

The city has closed Keizersgracht to boats, allowing it freeze solid. Which means one thing here: get your skates on. In four winters, I have never seen this happen. It's beautiful and I feel so lucky that I get to experience a last little bit of a proper Northern winter before I head to a warmer Southern one. Yes that's right, we've timed our trip home so we get two winters back-to-back. Clever huh?


  1. Four winters! Wow. We are SO lucky we get to experience this! I feel like I won the jackpot, that my one year here lets me see this. We spent all day yesterday slipping around on the ice!
    And we even took a picture for a gentlemen posing on the Keizersgracht in front of his canal house--he said he's lived there for 20 years and hasn't seen it freeze like that.