A family weekend

We took a family trip down to Nijmegen to see family. Gonny taught Max how to dance which was the cutest thing ever. He tried so hard to shake his little butt. It's getting to that goodbye stage, which sucks. We have less than five weeks left.

A labour of love

How do you say goodbye to a city that you love? By making twenty hand-bound photographic books.

Since coming to Amsterdam nearly four years ago, I have been repeatedly drawn to photographing the  lace curtains hanging in so many of the houses here in Amsterdam. Something about these veils of privacy, shielding the inhabitant from the public eye, is beautiful, yet photographing them is incredibly uncomfortable. I keep returning over and over to this subject.

So I decided to make an edition of twenty hand-bound books of photographs of the lace curtains. It's definitely a labour of love. But it has given me a lot of time to reflect on the beauty of Amsterdam and also reconnected me to a craft I really enjoy. There is something so very precious about a hand-bound book. Each copy has it's own personality. I can't wait to show you the finished books.

It's been a long cold lonely winter

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Here comes the sun - The Beatles
(George is totally my favorite Beatle.)

More beautiful

These tulips were left, forgotten about on a shelf. I was struck by what unique, beautiful forms the withered flowers twisted into. So different from their perfectl consistent beauty when I received them.


The ice is melting fast. It will be gone before I post this.

Dad's toes

 This little guy has his dad's long toes. He makes my day, everyday.

Paper nerd

I've been hunting through Amsterdam, trying to find some basic bookbinding tools. Finally I got tipped off about Vliger,  a specialist paper store on the Amstel. So thanks to Lauren I now own a bone folder, bookbinding needles, iron wire and an awl. Plus some pretty gorgeous paper. I took a bookbinding course years ago and loved it. And yes, it's all related to this project I'm working on. I kinda nerded out in there- I was pretty excited by the bone folders. Why are art supply and stationary shops so enticing?

Lace twins

I love the white lace curtains that hang in so many of the homes around this city. I keep returning to this subject - I've been photographing them now for a couple of years. It's inspired me to undertake a project,  as a little thank you and good bye to Amsterdam before I leave. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you as it develops.

Last snow

During a snowfall, probably our last this winter, I spent the afternoon around a dinner table eating mexican food with friends. As you do.

Family on ice

Saturday was freezing cold and gorgeous. And like the rest of the city, we made our way onto the ice. That's Westerkerk in the background. Amazing huh? I know I keep posting about this but it's just so cool!

Get your skates on

The city has closed Keizersgracht to boats, allowing it freeze solid. Which means one thing here: get your skates on. In four winters, I have never seen this happen. It's beautiful and I feel so lucky that I get to experience a last little bit of a proper Northern winter before I head to a warmer Southern one. Yes that's right, we've timed our trip home so we get two winters back-to-back. Clever huh?


I always wonder what it would be like to live on a houseboat. But not so much when it's -11°C.

Snow family

Vondelpark is gorgeous right now. Max however, was not so impressed.


The snow arrived for real. Amsterdam is never more beautiful than under a blanket of fresh snow. I was  running errands in town when it started to fall. By the time I turned head for home, the roads were thickly covered. I had to bike through it, slipping and sliding and smiling all the way.

Frozen tomatoes

Temperatures are plummeting. Suddenly I find myself plunged into the deep dry freeze of an Amsterdam winter, after months of mildly cold wetness.  The air outside turns Max's little nose into a cherry tomato. We keep our walks short now.


Time is different now. My time, family time, couple time, bath time, nap time, on time, no time, story time, dinner time, play time, nursing time, more time. The more I write time the weirder it gets.

International Style Station

 On Sunday I checked out the International Style Station, a selection from young designers exhibiting their stuff during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. It's over on the eastern side of De Pijp and it was totally worth the effort. My favorite pieces were this amazing crocheted suit of amour and horse by Danielle Smits (I think), kaleidoscopic plastic objects by jeweller Boris de Beijer and these fabulous neon woolen blankets by textile artist Mae Engelgeer. Inspiring stuff!