Sinterklaas and Swarte Piet


These two chaps are Sinterklaas and Swarte Piet. In Holland Sinterklass comes on the 5th of December. And if he doesn't, because you've been a bad boy or girl, Swarte Piet will put you in his sack and take you away to Spain. Cause Spain sucks so much?
Anyway the whole thing is the source of much confusion, amusement and sometimes even a bit of anger for non-dutchies. But basically it's just like Christmas, except early and with bad rhyming poems. Then at Christmas, the "Christmas Man" comes i.e. Santa Claus. So really it's just an excuse for two rounds of pressies and treats.
Today is Max's first Sinterklaas and he got a Nientje toy for his pram. Dad and Mum ate all his peppernoten though.

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