These are the people in your neighborhood 3

A walk in the late afternoon, trying to get Max to sleep. We met a curious swan. The christmas lights are up. It's cold now and so dark. I'm waiting for snow to transform the grey into crisp whiteness.


Greetings! We salute you.
Are you on a mission? Can we assist you in anyway?
No? Oh well.


Apparently babies sleep for something like 18 hours a day. Which begs the question: why does the average new mum get 4 hours of sleep daily?

I can stare at Max sleeping for hours. He looks so sweet. But maybe that's where I'm going wrong.

Katwijk aan de maas

This is house my Oma was born in. It is now home to her nephew René and his family. René took us on a walk to visit the church where my Oma and Opa were married, and where her sister is buried. It's a special place to visit, especially for my father. He was born in this village and it is also one year ago my Oma passed away. I wish she could've got to meet Max. Oma loved babies so much that she had 11 of them.


Last week was a bit crazy. It started with a birthday and ended with a Thanksgiving feast. In between was sickness and too much work and visiting family and appointments and yoga and rain and more sickness.
We've celebrated Thanksgiving every year we've been in Amsterdam, as we have american friends for whom it is such an important day. It was really lovely to be surrounded by friends and remind myself I've got so much to be thankful for. Especially after such a hard week.


My Dad was born here in the Netherlands but emigrated with his parents to NZ when he was just four years old. I think it took 8 weeks on a boat to get there. Imagine spending 8 weeks at sea with four kids, and Aunty Christine was just a tiny baby. Poor Oma.

A much shorter trip, but still over 30 hours of flights and John got to hold his dutch grandson. One very proud Opa.

I love you

Miss your Oma? Try a visit to De taart van mijn tante. Plastic tulips, crocheted afghans, carpet tablecloths hiding crumbs, kitchy cushions, tacky knick knacks, too much furniture, funny pigeon english. This place ticks all the boxes. It's like stepping into my Oma's living room. And the apple pie is pretty good too.

Uncle Dan

When Max was born, at first all I could see was my little brother, Daniel. Dan arrived in Amsterdam last week to meet Max. He leaves today and it's been such a great 10 days. It goes too fast though.

Toby and I often joke about the day Uncle Daniel and Uncle Guy take Max out fishing. With two such uncles, Max is sure to grow up with a strong sense of adventure. And a good understanding of most conspiracy theories.

For homesick kiwis in Amsterdam

A decent flat white is a rare and precious thing in this city of coffee verkreed's and little plastic pots of creamer. Fortunately there's a few New Zealander's working at Friday Next who know what they're doing. They also often play NZ music like The Black Seeds and Crowded House, which is kind of weird because I strongly associate that music with home and summer. Strange to be sitting in wintery Amsterdam surrounded by dutch speakers, sipping a flat white and listening to Trinity Roots.

Hello there!

Hello there!
Where are you going?
Can we come too?

Back in print

Alledaags is back in print! Toby sold out of the hardback version ages ago and has finally received the paperback stock. It looks great too. To get your hands on a copy go to his shop here.

Also he's back doing a daily drawing, this time about becoming a dad. I might be a bit biased but I think it's some of his best work yet. It's a great balance between being really honest and very funny. I think this one is my favourite so far.

Midnight ramblers

I have loved Gillian Welch for years and never thought I'd get to see her. She hasn't toured in something like 8 years. But she played at Paradiso with David Rawlings on Monday. I left Max for the first time to see them play. We got there late and I had to cut out half way through the show but it was so worth it. Her voice is so beautiful.

I was thinking that night about Elvis
Day that he died, day that he died
I was thinking that night about Elvis
Day that he died, day that he died
Just a country boy that combed his hair
And put on a shirt his mother made and went on the air
And he shook it like a chorus girl
And he shook it like a Harlem queen
He shook it like a midnight rambler, 
Like you never seen

Elvis Presley Blues - Gillian Welch

3.30 pm

Jacob van Lennepkade at 3.30pm. The light is leaving us. Winter is coming.


The leaves in Vondelpark and a new scarf. I used to hate this colour- it's so nineties. Now I can't get enough of it. Bring on the Friends re-runs.

First gold


Susi strung together a mad collection of crazy charms, beads and thingymabobs for Max. Including a sweet baby-size ring. Doesn't every baby need a gold ring?

As a jeweller, your first piece of gold is special. For my first piece, I made myself a simple gold ring when I was pregnant. At 32. Max was barely 2 weeks old when he got his. Lucky little man.

Susi is having an open studio to show her new series of work "Deep and Yellow" on the 11th and 12th of November at OT301. She also takes commissions (in case you also want your own baby ring).