Drawings and felt

Toby and I have tried to collaborate on lots of projects, mostly unsuccessfully as we both have our own ways of working. But the one thing we have managed is toys. Basically because Toby's drawing style is so suited to crazy monsters and I can just see how each character will sew up as a 3D toy. This funny little babushka inspired doll is for the baby's crib. I hope it doesn't scare it! It needs a name- any ideas?

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  1. Hmmm you could call it "A Stony Boy" or "Ban Soy Toy"?? as ther both anagrams of "Sonya Toby".
    Or you could use "A Nasty Nobody" as thats from "Toby and Sonya". Too much time on my hands. Hope out favourite Kiwis are well.
    Ann and I are off to NZ on Friday for the World Cup. We'll make sure to say "Choice bru" to all the Locals from you!

    All the Best.
    Shane K