My political standpoint on pacifiers

Baby stuff is fun to make.
Is this going to be a mum blog? I guess so. I mean, this blog is pretty much reflects my life and there is a baby coming. Eventually. Promise I'll try not to get all crazy though and start talking about gruesome realities and my political standpoint on pacifiers.


Today is D-day. Due date. But no baby yet! It's kind of like Christmas came but we have to wait for some annoying uncle to wake up before we can open our present. I'm trying to keep my hands busy with this gorgeous merino/cotton wool. I'm knitting a little baby hat, you can find the pattern here.

Extra Curricular #6

In Holland, if a package is delivered to your house, and you aren't home to accept it, the postman will give it to the nearest neighbour who is home. As neighbourly and nice as this sounds, it can be incredibly frustrating if said neighbour doesn't hand it over! The latest issue of Extra Curricular came out about a month ago, but due to un-neighbourly post issues, I just got my copy.

Enough ranting. Issue number six is great, filled with beautiful photography and themed around stitch makers. I wrote a piece about the talented Bayley Collins, who is Birdinabunnysuit. There's a lovely tutorial by Melissa (who also did the cover), an inspiring feature on crafting for a cause (the lady who knits for premature babies made me all teary) and I was delighted to see a profile on Louise Clifton, who I used to know way back in Wellington days. She's started her own shoe making business, Lou's Shoes - which sounds awesome. Get your hands on a copy here.

These are the people in your neighbourhood 2

More walking. It's so good to have my camera back.

These are the people in your neighbourhood

A short walk through the neighbourhood became an exercise in re-framing what I see everyday. Maybe you can tell that I'm not going far from home at the moment.

An autumn mandela


My birthday is an autumn birthday. Well it is in NZ anyway- it's in April. Funny to think that my baby will also be born in autumn, but in September.
I'm 39 weeks today. The waiting has begun.

Last chance BBQ

The rain held off long enough for a last chance BBQ last Sunday evening. And then it poured for four days. This has been the rainest summer that Amsterdam has seen for 105 years.
Dutch word for the day: regendruppels.

Drawings and felt

Toby and I have tried to collaborate on lots of projects, mostly unsuccessfully as we both have our own ways of working. But the one thing we have managed is toys. Basically because Toby's drawing style is so suited to crazy monsters and I can just see how each character will sew up as a 3D toy. This funny little babushka inspired doll is for the baby's crib. I hope it doesn't scare it! It needs a name- any ideas?

Hello September

On my way to yoga, I realised suddenly it's September. This means three things.
Autumn is here
It's two years that we've been in this house
My baby is due this month