Titles containing the word quilt are boring


The quilt is nearly done, I'm just working on binding it now. My little Singer sewing machine handled it really well. I snapped this photo outside between the rain showers. The rain has been never ending. I gave up today and ate porridge for breakfast. So much for summer huh?

Technical difficulties

I've haven't been posting very regularly recently. That's because I look like this. Yep, only a month to go before this baby is due. I'm slowing down now, but also contributing to my lack of posting is that my SLR is playing up. I've had to send it off for repairs. Crap. So please bear with me through these technical difficulties.


A new-flat-celebration dinner at our favourite local Ethiopian restaurant for Katherine and Stevie. They've just moved to Amsterdam for the next year or two, as Katherine is studying here. For those not in the know- Ethipoian food basically means eating tasty stews with giant pancakes, washed down with banana beer. (Not everyone is such a fan of the banana beer- it tastes like banana Fruit Bursts!)

A quilt in progress

Why does any blog post with 'quilt' in the title sound like a made-for-TV, coming-of-age chick flick? Oh well. This quilt came together much easier and faster than I had expected. It all brings back so many memories of Mum sewing when I was a kid. I remember so many little details. Especially how I liked to sit in the window seat up in the attic, amongst all the fabric scraps and watch her sew. It used to get so hot up there. The smell of sewing machine oil in the sun.

And I remember how I always wanted my own quilt. I hope this quilt gets well used by this kid of ours and they hold on to it and treasure it too. It's nice to think I might be making a family heirloom.

Now my quilt is all basted and I just have to quilt it- but that's the bit I'm nervous about. Maybe I should watch this movie....

That's the way that it goes

That's the way that it goes
Everybody's buying little baby clothes
That's the way that it ends
Though there was a time when you and I were friends

Way It Goes - Gillian Welch

The beginnings of a quilt

Inspired by the Dutch patterned blue and white vintage linens, I've collected a variety of blue floral fabrics to make a simple baby quilt.
My mother is a master quilter and I know I'm not going to quite live up to her standards (this is the first quilt I've made) but at least I went out and bought the right equipment. Check out my limited edition tulip patterned rotary cutter Mum! Jealous much?

A sunny afternoon

A baby shower with cupcakes, origami and sunshine. Lots of good friends and one new friend- hey little Ted! What more could one mum-to-be ask for?

Good stuff

Toby just finished painting a new mural. Looks pretty cool huh? It totally transforms a boring white box into an inspiring creative space. You can see a few more pics here on Flickr.

Unfinished buisness

It's getting harder to work in the studio, bending over my work with a big belly is becoming a bit ridiculous. But I feel like I have to complete some unfinished projects while I still can. Here are some pieces I'm working on at the moment, in silver or alpaca.
The bracelets are fun pieces I made at home, combinations of elastic, silver, brass and semi-precious stones. I'm a sucker for this shade of green. It reminds me of the old state houses around Hamilton that used to be painted that violent mint green. I think it was all the rage in the 1950's. They've almost all gone now.

Paddestoelen en appeltart


A visit to Noordermarkt is not complete without a slice of appeltart from Winkel. Yum!



The nesting instinct is taking over and it's all been a bit DIY and IKEA-y this past week as we try to make some more space in our one bedroom apartment for a third. We've had Libby, Toby's sister in town and she's been helping move furniture (and keep the peace) while we sort out what needs to go where. 

I bought these hand-carved wooden stamps at the Noordermarkt and used them to print some paper to back a cabinet I was fixing up. And this package arrived out of the blue all the way from Perth, Australia from two very special friends. This baby is going to have cooler clothes than us, we just have to find somewhere to put them all!