Tobs and I went down to Belgium last weekend for a last little getaway for just the two of us. We stopped off in Antwerp so Toby could show me ra, an avant-garde fashion and design store. He'd been telling me about it since he discovered last year on a work trip.  He also bought from there this amazing butterfly brooch made of latex by Dutch/Japanese jeweller Sayakaya Mamoto for me for Christmas. Which I love.

ra is a concept store two floors of fashion, an exhibition & sculpture space, book store, music corner and a cafe. It's goal is to support young artists and independent fashion designers. It was really inspiring seeing some of the work there- so adventurous and different to I've been seeing here in Amsterdam. Made me feel excited about making stuff- and that there's a market for the kind of stuff I want to make.

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  1. Oh wow, that store looks and sounds amazing! I love that brooch, too.