Three times three

Three simple rings in silver and gold. One plain silver, one silver with a tiny gold ball and one plain gold. Made by hand, to be worn as a set.

Wild flowers


Everything is free now, that's what they say
Everything I ever done, gotta give it away
Someone hit the big score, they figured it out
They were gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn't pay

Everything is free - Gillian Welch


Toby and I spent a long, quiet weekend in the French speaking part of Belgium, the Ardennes. Little tiny villages  clustered over hills and rivers and farmland and beautiful forests.
These photos were taken around the village Celles which was one of the prettiest villages we visited. It also had the best patisserie. We ate sweet, flakey millefeuilles in the sunshine for breakfast. Très délicieux!


Tobs and I went down to Belgium last weekend for a last little getaway for just the two of us. We stopped off in Antwerp so Toby could show me ra, an avant-garde fashion and design store. He'd been telling me about it since he discovered last year on a work trip.  He also bought from there this amazing butterfly brooch made of latex by Dutch/Japanese jeweller Sayakaya Mamoto for me for Christmas. Which I love.

ra is a concept store two floors of fashion, an exhibition & sculpture space, book store, music corner and a cafe. It's goal is to support young artists and independent fashion designers. It was really inspiring seeing some of the work there- so adventurous and different to I've been seeing here in Amsterdam. Made me feel excited about making stuff- and that there's a market for the kind of stuff I want to make.

I like this music

Disasteradio played at De Nieuwe Anita on a rainy Tuesday night. He was awesome. Check out how smiley everyone is! He's off to the States now for a three week tour - in fact he's playing in New York today. Here's my fave Disasteradio song- even though it's an oldie.


Made of brass, felt, glass beads, silk thread, this brooch is from the Rose tint my world series. The cross and the skull are both ancient symbols of protection. It came out a little more day-of-the-dead than I was expecting but I really enjoyed making this piece. I love the final result, it's a bit mental.

A baby quilt

Our friend Fiona made this beautiful quilt for the baby. Amazing huh? So sweet of her. It makes me want to make a few things myself. Well- I have started a few projects but somehow I have yet to finish anything. It's all becoming very real now though, this baby thing. We even bought a pram, which sits in the lounge looking out of place and awkward. Also, bending over is getting harder. Once something is dropped on the floor, it kinda just stays there.

Yum cha


Sunday morning. Jasmine tea. Sticky rice. Pork buns. Spring rolls. Bok choy. Bossy waitress. Yum Cha.

Weed but no booze thanks

At the children's playground in the Jordaan you shouldn't ride your bike, or smoke your joints but definitely no alcohol. Note, this was not a handmade sign, but an official legit one. Amsterdam, you never fail to surprise me!

Three facts

We had a heatwave lasting two whole days. Stacey is leaving Amsterdam today. This may be the last time I see my toes for awhile.