The biggest cufflinks ever?

Here are the finished cufflinks that I shared some work-in-progress shots of awhile back. Peter has received them now and is really happy with them. He is a little concerned about setting off the metal detectors at the airport however. They really are the biggest cufflinks I have ever seen!

Homemade Nutella

Lucy made me homemade Nutella. And it's really good. It tastes like a slightly more adult version of Nutella, more hazelnutty and not quite as sweet. It's amazing on fresh bread. Thanks Lucy!

Rose tint my world

A series of works in progress. I started these pieces after a bad fall off my bike, when I was at home and not able to do much. I wanted to create a kind of tongue-in-cheek series about protection and safety. I used felt for the safe, comforting factor and combined it with silver and hand beading for finer details. "Rose tint my world" is a reference to my all time favourite childhood album Rocky Horror Picture Show, where the full line is "Rose tints my world, Keeps me safe from my trouble and pain".

Believe it or not!

Beth, Angela and I took a ghost tour of the vaults under the old city of Edinburgh. Apparently these underground vaults are one of the most haunted places in all of Britain. At the end of the tour was a little exhibition which contained photographs submitted by other tourists who had weird, unexplained things come out on their photographs. Having all worked in photographic labs for years, we were all highly skeptical and dismissed them all as a load of poppycock.
Then I got my films back. And I really have no idea what these weird spots are on my photos. Believe it or not!

Old cemeteries and wild roses

Behind faces and gestures
We remain mute
And spoken words heavy
With what we ignore or keep silent
Betray us

I dare not speak for mankind
I know so little of myself

The Museum of Childhood

Beth took us to the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh. Some of the collection was so great - really nostalgic and sweet. But the dolls! Oh the dolls were just plain scary. I wouldn't like to be in there after hours.

Tea and scones

I'm a bit behind in sharing some photos from my recent trip to the UK. In London Mariko and I went for afternoon tea at The Orangery at Kensington Palace. Mariko wore her aunt's dress which is over thirty years old. It was all rather lovely.

Phil, Ange and Jean

When we left Melbourne years ago, Phil and Ange had just found out they were having a baby. So we'd never met Jean, who is just the cutest kid out. You miss such huge chunks of people's lives - it was so good to reconnect with them after so long. As Phil would say - good times.

Travel, guests and pregnancy has made for some slack posting. I think I'm back on track now. It's been such a busy few weeks. All in all my pregnancy is going really well, I'm just slowing down a bit. 14 weeks to go!


Definition of PLEASANCE
1: a feeling of pleasure : delight
2: a pleasant rest or recreation place usually attached to a mansion

Moody Edinburgh

A special weekend away in Edinburgh with Angela and Beth. Moody architecture called for a moody photo. It was the first time us three had been reunited since we all worked together back in London in 2003. We'd been talking about doing it for years and now with my future mum status, well it had to happen now.
These were shot on my new fave camera, my Pentax KM. When I arrived and unpacked, all three of us were carrying old school SLR's. Great minds think alike.

The dark old days of London

I'm in London right now, having just been in Edinburgh for the weekend. London is so fun, especially now that I am grown up and not a 23 year old, broke, bewildered Kiwi backpacker living in a 11 person flat in West London, missing her boyfriend.
I've only brought a film camera with me on this trip, so I'll share some photos soon! In the meantime, here's some pics from back in the dark old days of London times. I can't believe it was nine years ago now. That sink was disgusting. (Don't worry- it wasn't my sink.)