Michah P. Hinson

You know when you've been listening to an artist or a band for years and you have a mental picture of what they look like? And then you see a photo or see them live and they are just so different to what you expected? And most of the time you are disappointed with the reality because who you are imagined was so much cooler?
Well Michah P. Hinson was completely different to what I had imagined. But he was so much better. His amazingly beautiful songs were cut with his dry humour delivered in a southern drawl. An incredible show.


  1. Whoah! I totally imagined an Iron and Wine bearded long haired old dude!

  2. i was at this gig too. i'd seen him before and so knew what he looked like. he hadn't changed much, except that last time he was happier cos his wife was tourng with him. :)