Linked houses

I mentioned a little while ago I was working on some very oversized cufflinks. These are a special commission for an old colleague, Peter. He has an ongoing competition with his good friend over who has the biggest cufflinks. It's been going for years apparently and he's determined to win! And when Peter is determined, he will find a way.
The cufflinks are based on a drawing of his house, which is made up of two wings and neatly transfers into two halves. Each is 7cm high, which makes for a very large cufflink. They are finished now, but I will wait until Peter receives them before I share a final shot of them.
They were a really fun piece to design and make, definitely the biggest piece I have made to date. All I have to do now is find the perfect box to present them.

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  1. I love these - They'd make a great brooch too.