Kitchen awesomeness

When I was back in NZ earlier this year, I dragged Toby to the exhibition Crown Lynn: Crockery of Distinction at the City Gallery in Wellington, which I loved and Toby enjoyed moderately. Crown Lynn was a New Zealand ceramics manufacturer from about 1937 till 1989 and I have always been on the lookout for their pieces in second hand shops. You used to be able to pick up pieces so cheap but now it's all becoming collectors items. I have boxes of assorted pieces in mum's garage.

Unbelievably for my birthday, Toby gave me this set of colour glaze teacups and plates. He had just been on a work trip back to NZ and carefully carried these in his hand luggage all around NZ and Singapore. What a champion!

I also photographed for you what I bought at Vestkanttorget, a cheese slice for Toby (the Norwegians invented these you know) and these great Scandinavian illustrated tiles. One day we will have a kitchen full of awesomeness.

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