Ellie and Matta

I never really thought that Ellie would make it to Amsterdam while I was still living here. However, it's been nearly 3 years and her and Matt have finally moved from New Zealand to London, after a little procrastination. Which is just awesome for me, because pretty much the first thing they did when they got off the plane was turn around and get on another one to Amsterdam!

We've done some good sightseeing missions already, on the bikes and on Bruce. But yesteday, we slowed it down to a walk around the Jordaan, to markets and cheese shops, and to a few of my favourite places in the Negen Straatjes, like Boekie Woekie and Frozen Fountain and IjScuypje.
Wandering around with visitors is like having new eyes, you see new things in places you've become so used too. That cat was just so funny, squashed up against the sunny window.

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