Coffeeshop Sanementereng

When we first moved to Amsterdam, we lived in the Jordaan on Tweede Rozendwarstraat. (Try pronouncing that for your first Dutch word.) It's such a beautiful part of town. We were so lucky to live there for our first year. Anyway, just next door was Coffeshop Sanementereng, half second-hand shop, half coffeeshop. The lady who runs it is a little odd but not unfriendly. The place is a left over of the seventies, when Amsterdam was a hippy paradise.

Toby and I biked past it the other night and seeing this place all lit up made me realise I didn't have a good shot of it. It always reminded me of the movie The Gremlins and the scene in Chinatown when Gizmo is bought. Maybe there's mysteries hiding amongst all the chaos and junk.

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