Circus Necklace

These necklaces have been favourite things to make and wear over the last six months or so. The top one was made especially for Ellie and the bottom one is the one I wear the most. They are made from fabric yo-yos, which is a pretty old-fashioned technique seen in lots of scary craft projects. It's nice to reinterpret them into something modern.

I think of these as Circus necklaces, they are so fun to wear, and for me, a big injection of colour into my outfit. (Having spent most of my adult life as a photographer living in London, Wellington or Melbourne, ninety percent of my wardrobe is black.)


  1. Every time I were the one you made for me, people ask me where I got it from. LOVE it!

  2. Mariko! I just clicked who MO was! Took me like forever. Thanks hon!

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