I'm a bit late on this one- I've seen this up at Westerpark a few times but I never had my camera with me. This urban knitting project was done by BreiWerkWest. I really like the whole urban knitting graffiti movement- it's such a funny twist on knitting. And such a nice surprise when you see it.
Check out this video if you'd like to see one of the bigger artists in the scene knitting up a bus.


Dolls are not my favourite things. In fact, when I was a kid I hated them. One particular episode of Friday the 13th cemented it - dolls were just downright scary.

However, when I found this doll in the bottom of a box at my favourite second-hand shop in the Jordaan, I thought she was just too sweet to leave lying there. For only 50 cents, I bought her and intended to fix her up one day. That was a year or so ago. I've just rediscovered her lying in a box under the bookcase and now I have a good reason to mend her.

Circus Necklace

These necklaces have been favourite things to make and wear over the last six months or so. The top one was made especially for Ellie and the bottom one is the one I wear the most. They are made from fabric yo-yos, which is a pretty old-fashioned technique seen in lots of scary craft projects. It's nice to reinterpret them into something modern.

I think of these as Circus necklaces, they are so fun to wear, and for me, a big injection of colour into my outfit. (Having spent most of my adult life as a photographer living in London, Wellington or Melbourne, ninety percent of my wardrobe is black.)


On a gorgeous spring afternoon, Sanne, Kiearah and I went to the kermis in Westerpark. Watching Kiki trying to eat that suikerspin was freaking hilarious. The sugar crash afterwards was also quite funny!

Bruce is back

We bailed out Bruce, scooped out buckets of dead leaves, swept up sand and dirt, threw out all the rubbish and prayed the engine would start. We'd left the motor on the boat in the freezing canal all winter. It started first try. Yeah.
The second day of Spring was gorgeous and sunny but still pretty cold. Toby drove through the Jordaan which is the picture perfect postcard part of Amsterdam, but by the time we docked back on Herengracht, I couldn't feel my feet. A warme chocolademelk and some appeltaart helped a lot.

A train ride, a market and fabric

Take three of my favourite things, a train ride, a market and fabric, throw in some tulips and good company and you have my perfect Saturday morning excursion. Lucy, Jude and I took ourselves off to the Utrecht textile market in the sunshine. It's quaint and quite a bit cheaper than the Albert Cyup market. We wandered back through town past the flower sellers and got taken in by the spring tulips for sale in every imaginable colour. Coming back on the train we had 5 bunches between us, over 200 flowers.

Fourteen weeks

These little booties were given to Toby and I by my mother when we found out I was six weeks pregnant. That's right: pregnant! I'm now nearly fourteen weeks and our baby is due on the 20th of September.
This incredibly happy event has raised hundreds of questions, very few we have answers to. Such as: will the baby be born in NZ or Holland? It's opening up a whole new world that we are just beginning to learn about. In the meantime, here's a few answers we do have: Yes, I am well and yes, we are very, very happy but no, we do not know if it's a boy or a girl.
It's been so fun sharing this news with our friends and family, it's lovely to be able to finally share it on my blog as well.


I've just started an internship with Susanne Boger,  the jewellery tutor I was studying under for all of last year. Susi teaches, draws, exhibits, sculpts, does commissions and sells her jewellery across the world. She's pretty inspirational and I feel really lucky to be working under her. She made me the cutest little welcome sign for when I showed up, along with chocolate and celebratory Malibu!

Home at last

Ok, enough of these nostalgic NZ posts- they just make me homesick. We've been back in Amsterdam for two weeks now and there is nothing like your own bed. After some serious jet lag - why is coming back to Europe so much harder than going to NZ? - I'm trying to get some kind of routine back in place.

I made bread (from this easy recipe) which kind of tastes like Vogels. Paired with feijoa jam it was the perfect Sunday brunch treat. I've never made bread before as I always associate homemade bread as heavy dense work. But this is wonderfully moist and light. And delicious.

Ka kite ano

Leaving New Zealand is always hard. This time we definitely had a good long trip and saw so many people, some for the first time in years and years. It feels like are split between two homes now, New Zealand and Holland. But despite it being almost seven years since we left, New Zealand still feels like where we belong somehow. The land is a bigger part of the life here and I miss that greatly.


This kid can make me laugh harder than anything. His "Aunty Sonya? Maybe we could have something like an ice-block?" line, eyebrows raised in hopeful questioning, cracks me up every time.

Rob and Rose

The final wedding of our trip! And what a wedding - Mr Whippy drove up for the dessert course. You can't beat a flake ice-cream. There's nothing better.


Somehow Guy managed to get Kinglsey to sit still long enough to cut his hair. No easy feat. Tommy watched from the bathtub. He pretty much wants to do whatever Kingsley's up to, which is why he's got a black eye- he can't quite walk yet but he's already trying to do ollies on his skateboard!

Lucy and Guy

Please meet Mr and Mrs Morris who were married on the 18th of February, with their two sons Tommy (1 year) and Kinglsey (3 years). I actually don't have the words to explain how awesome their wedding was. It was the accumulation of so much work and love and hope. And it was perfect.

A little confession

So you might've guessed I'm a little behind on the blog at the moment, due to my somewhat random posting of late. Well I'm back in Amsterdam, we arrived on Monday after a horrifically long flight. So while I figure out my time zones, I thought I'd share some of the best moments of the end of our trip to New Zealand over the next few posts. I hope you enjoy them.

By the way, it's good to be home!

UFO's on Mt. Vic

Kurt and Rebecca have been travelling around NZ for 2 months. We caught up with them on a cold and windy mountain in Wellington. A freaky UFO was in the sky. What does it mean?

Awesome feelings

Campus A Low Hum is a music festival that was started by our mate Blink. It's in Bulls, which is the pun capital of NZ. My highlights: The karaoke truck, The Cosbys, Disasteradio and Etiquette (of who I have no photo of). Also, lying around reading books in the shade, eating ice blocks with my brother and watching Toby dance up a storm to Awesome Feelings.

Campus A Low Hum

New Zealanders like to wear jandals. If I could, that's all I'd ever wear.