Four weddings. No funerals please.

When Toby and I moved to Amsterdam, we had nowhere to live. Our mates Kate and Joe, who had promised us a bed, were full up. So I combed the classifeds and came across a room available immediately for one month only. I sent a polite email asking if a couple from New Zealand would suit? Nigel emailed back, coincidentally him and Merrin were also Kiwis. And New Zealand being the small country it is, we had a good friend in common, Tim Molloy.

We actually moved into Nigel and Merrin's apartment while they were away on holiday in Portugal. They arrived home, newly engaged and we were the first people they told. We had just met. Two and a half years later, I attended their wedding. It was a gorgeous summers day. Nigel and Merrin were so happy. Tim's speech was hilarious (and so was his dancing). 

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