The Uniform Project (and all my other projects)

You probably know about the Uniform Project by now, if not then definitely check it out- it's a pretty cool idea. Basically- one girl wears one dress for one year. And raises money for schools in India. Right- so now you know. And I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the pattern- it's all sold out now. 
Every now and then, I get what my Mum calls, "the sewing bug". So, as my boyfriend is away for work at the moment, I have converted my house in to a sewing studio... and I've got way too many projects on the go. Typical. Another one is a copy of this dress. I've done up a successful muslin, and cut into the expensive fabric, so fingers crossed. For the record, I used a combo of two patterns, Colette Patterns' Macaron and the Selfish Seamstress' Coffee Date dress, which if you are a sewing geek like me, you'll probably know. 
I've also cut out a muslin in the purple fabric above for the U.P. dress and hope to sew that up this weekend too. The black textured fabric above is the fabric provided with the U.P. pattern and I have to be really careful- I can't get any more of it!

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