Trees and stars

It's nearly Christmas. The snow has defeated me and so I've been catching the tram where I just so happen to transfer at the Christmas market on Leidseplien. There you can smell gluehwien and oliebollen and there's ice skaters falling over each other at the little ice rink they put up each year. It's small and kind of dinky but it still made me feel all christmassy. Especially the lights in the trees, they just look magical with all the snow everywhere. I've got to admit- oliebollen are pretty yum when they are fresh and warm. You do end up covered in icing sugar though. 

This is a little star I sewed to put on top of our Christmas tree. The deal is here you buy a glass pointy ornament to put on top of your tree - but I'm all about the star. I embroidered a snowflake so that one day, when I live in a warmer climate, it will remind me of this snowy European Christmas.

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  1. Your little embroidered star is really cute, the blue of the thread matches perfectly with the blue skies on the other photographs. And I love the first bokeh style photo, with the blurry lights, magical!