Good things take time

For about a year, my friend Barbara had promised to take me to Utrecht to the fabric market that's held there on a Saturday. Finally, early last year, we went and timed it to coincide with a huge rommelmarkt that was being held. There, under a table, hidden in it's box was this gorgeous little Singer Featherweight sewing machine. And the guy was only asking €20. But he couldn't tell me if it was working or not. So I took a risk, bought it, plugged it in and nope, it didn't work. 

The good news? All it needed was a transformer- it's on American voltage. Barbara had one in her attic, it just took her another year or so to find it. Then it took me another 3-4 months to try to plugging it in. And what do you know? It works beautifully. Absolutely perfectly. 

(BTW- the fabric market is great- totally worth the train ride out to Utrecht.)


  1. What an awesome find! She's lovely.

  2. That's such good news cause it means I can keep the 'other one' which Uncle Bert gave 'us'- you will have to bring it back to NZ with you.