Melodies Graphiques

Walking down towards Notre Dame from Le Marias we passed by a little shop that I simply could not resist. Melodies Graphiques is a gorgeous stationary boutique on rue du Pont Louis-Philippe. As you can see the walls are covered in letters addressed to Eric de Tugny, the shop's proprietor, who is himself a master calligraphist. He was so friendly and was happy for me take a few photos, which was lovely of him.

Melodies Graphiques also features in the book Paris: Made by Hand, which takes you on a romantic wander through the backstreets of Paris, leading you through artist's ateliers and specialist boutiques. I ordered a copy for myself and got quite upset when it just did not arrive after three weeks. And then, on the Friday afternoon, only a few hours before we were to board our train, it was delivered!

The book's author, Pia Jane Bijkerk also lives in Amsterdam (on a house boat!) and has recently just published her second book, Amsterdam: Made by Hand. I would whole heartedly recommend these two books, to both tourists and natives alike. Pia really does a wonderful job of discovering places you might never notice. Her blog Enhance the Everyday is a source of constant inspiration to me.