I needed to hammer

Although I've started working on the ruby ring, I was just not in the mood for fiddly work. I needed to bang and hammer and smash something. (It's been a rough week at work.) So I pulled out a piece of silver I'd been saving and got out the hammers. I used the technique repoussé because I want to have a bit more fun with the metal, I want to create texture and personality. I'm sick of perfect, flat, gleaming surfaces right now. When you hammer the metal, it sits in a bowl of pitch, which helps hold and mould your piece. The pitch then has to be melted off the silver which is stinky and messy and dirty. I enjoyed every second of it. 

As you can see from the initial rough drawings, I started with the idea of a bird's wing. As this is all a bit experimental because I'm learning this technique as I go, I think I will end up with a much more abstract final piece. It's nice to start somewhere though and see your ideas grow and change. I'm thinking this piece will end up as a brooch.

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