Sail Amsterdam

Once every five years tall ships, naval ships, heritage ships, modern ships and pretty much anything else that floats, sails into the Amsterdam harbour as part of SAIL. The boats moor along the banks of the Ij for about a week and every night there's fireworks and a big party. 

On Saturday night Kurt, Rebecca, Toby and I took Bruce out for the first time in weeks (he's been in the shop) and got amongst the fray. The boats were bumper to bumper and the waves were pretty big. It got a little hairy at points, we all got a bit wet but luckily the wind died down as the moon came up. And fortunately we remembered to bring lights, even if they were just our bike lights!

We were just moored along the side taking a little breather when suddenly out of the dark came a tall ship, all lit up. It was so magestic and ghostly. But the best bit was after the fireworks finished. Every boat sounded it's horn. It was deafening and beautiful. That moment will always be one of my favourite memories of Amsterdam.

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