Poffertjes, otherwise known as Dutch pancakes are a special treat that you often get at fairs or markets at Christmas, They are super lekker and even better when you get to make them yourself, like we did on Saturday at de Parade. It's a bit messy and you end up covered in icing sugar but it's all worth it. 

When we went back to NZ last we took back poffertje pans and bottles as gifts, which was a big hit. I used this recipe and I think it's perfect- and so easy! A gas stove top is best for these.

500g self-raising flour
2 large eggs
800ml milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
a pinch of salt
icing sugar

Sift flour into a large bowl. Combine milk, eggs and vanilla essence in a bowl and mix lightly. Add the wet mixture to the flour and beat well. Cover and stand batter in the fridge for as long as you can wait for (an hour or so is good).
Pour batter into a squeeze bottle. Place Poffertje pan on the gas ring at low-medium heat. Brush pan with butter and then squeeze the batter into each hole, filling it just below the rim. When bubbles start appearing in the batter, flip over each pancake gently in their holes with wooden tongs (or chopsticks). Cook untill golden.

Serve with butter and icing sugar.


  1. yum! will give it a whirl, better than AH and my last reciepe had yeast....

  2. Mmm, poffertjes are so good! Like a real Dutch girl I've always loved them, I bake them at home as comfort food or whenever I like... :)

    Tip: Poffertjes traditionally are made with buckwheat flour, which gave the poffertjes the typical taste...

  3. Thanks for the tip Rosa! I love them too... and yes- they are definitely the best comfort food!

  4. Lekker (with hand waving behind ear)! Need to bust out the Poffertjes on this side of the world again soon I think!