I can't remember who I was with when I bought this fabric but I remember thinking- "hmmm what will I do with it?" I love it cause it's weird and there's too many eyes. So I sewed it into a bag, a big roomy tote bag with lots of pockets for stuffing things in. A cat sack. 
I also am experimenting with these silver beads and this great silky ribbony material... I need to play with it a bit more, but I'm loving the little silver crimps I made to hold it all together. I might have to do some more of those. I just need Susie to come back from holiday so I can use her mill! I love her mill. If they didn't cost over 400 euros I would totally buy one for myself!


  1. Cat lady! It's perfect for you, and I love that necklace!
    We have a cat lady round the corner from us, her name is crazy cat lady and she calls the cats, very loudly, for about an hour every evening at the same time. These are the people in my neighbourhood...

  2. Here's a photo of a mill Sheryl:

    Thanks for the nice comments on the bag! I do feel a bit like a crazy cat lady when I use it...