Sign writer

When Toby was a kid, adults recognised his drawing ability and often commented "You could be a sign writer when you grow up!" Fortunately Toby was slightly more ambitious. 

He's just installed the window display for the Alledaags book launch at ABC. Sanne and I went down to help and take photos and make emergency runs to Hema for supplies. It looks so cool! With the article on Toby in the latest Time Out, the books are sure to fly out the door. I made a couple of little clips of Toby painting, which you can see here and here.

Toby will be at the American Book Centre (Spui 12, Amsterdam) to sign copies on Saturday, the 10th of July, between 2 and 5pm. Bring your friends!

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  1. Hah! that reminds me of this stupid application they had on the computers at my high school in the library. You plugged in your interests, subjects and answered some questions and it gave you what you should do for a job. The top hit for me was Chalkboard Artist. :/