Creativity can be a bit chaotic

Today it was sun and rain, off and on all day. And that's kinda how my day went. It started off a bit messily with some urgent panicky calls from work. There does seem to be some kind of curse that the day I take off is when everything goes wrong. But it got sorted. No stress.

I struggled with soldering a ring. It took forever. But I did it. I made a necklace which I think looks so cool but it needs a bit of a rework - wearability wise. I spilt a cup of tea over my laptop. Panic stations! But it's working.... mostly. A couple of keys don't work... but then there are TWO shift keys right? I had to make changes to a wedding album which I was dreading, but it was super easy. And I filled an order of this photo, it's so nice to be asked for prints. It's such a compliment.

And now I'm off to meet Jen to talk about more photo stuff and crafty bitching. I think I've earnt myself a drink.

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