Berlin. 37 degrees. Slam dunk. Deutschebag. Bar 25. Trains. Prenzlauer Berg. Iced coffee. S or U. Notes. Sushi. Gorlitzer park. Grafitti. Brandenburger Tor. Stencils. Galu. Mariko-san. Sanne banana. Marty in Abu Dhabi. Toberoo and Sarah. Club Mate. Pho bo. Edelweiss. Checkpoint Charlie. Bier. 4th floor. Cafe sua da. Curry wurst. Flea markets. Amy Star. Heavy bags. Torsten. Photobooths. Bulletholes. Jüdisches Museum. Pretzels. 


  1. Truly, three of my favorite things:
    Pretzels, Flea markets, Bar 25

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time in Berlin. Even though the photos are black and white you all look like you've got a nice summer tan going on...enjoy! x