Treasure boxes

Last night I pulled out some boxes as I was looking for inspiration and felt like sifting through the odds and ends I can't bring myself to get rid of. I am a hoarder. Always have been, always will be. I am my father's daughter after all (he is the king of hoarders). I simply cannot bring myself to throw anything away, the excuse being that one day it will come in handy. And I love small sparkly things. Like broken jewellery and beads. Magpie instincts.

So a couple of years ago I picked up a box of brass pieces and beads. It was left outside my favourite second hand shop in Amsterdam, near our old house on Tweede Rozendwarstraat. And I've carted this dirty box of junk around with me ever since, with no idea for what I would do with it. And last night I was so glad that I did keep it, because it all just came together in one of the moments when things just click

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